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Urban Assault Airsoft Field located in Ithaca, MI has indoor & outdoor urban combat environments sprawled over 20,000+ square feet. Sign Up for Open Play

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Urban Assault Airsoft

Urban Assault Airsoft Field has a combination of both indoor and outdoor urban combat environments sprawled over a 20,000+ square foot airsoft course. Players are welcome to bring their own airsoft guns and equipment to participate in games, however those airsoft weapons must adhere to our course rules. We host a wide array of types of combat games and the course is setup to allow for many variations of combat games and military simulations. We also have a retail airsoft store on site that offers a wide selection of airsoft weapons, ammo, gear and safety equipment. We also offer airsoft guns, gear and equipment to rent.

Open Play

Open Play days are open to the public. Each Open Play day has a morning and afternoon game. Tickets to play are $25.

Open Play

Show up on Open Play days with some friends ready to play some Airsoft! You can bring your own guns and gear or rent one of ours.

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Airsoft Events

Check out our Events Calendar to sign up for one of our Airsoft events that can include up to 30 players!.

Airsoft Events

You can register online for our scheduled events. For most events you need to register before the start of the event. Tickets vary based on the event.

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Personal Attention

You can book your next party at Urban Assault Airsoft online! We also offer catering for events.

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Introducing The Best Airsoft Field in Michigan!

Player Testimonials

"So got out and played airsoft there today for the first time in a while. It is a fantastic field 20,000 square feet. The old grain elevator what was pretty cool. The staff are professional and courteous answering questions and getting the player out more to play. The price is right and people where laughing and giggling. So family fun atmosphere. Will be returning."Timothy G.

"Today a group of buddies showed up to this awesome place and to say the least was leary... but boy oh boy! after about the first 3 min we were hooked and most of us are now looking to buy our own guns so we can play regularly! the owner was on-site with 3 other employees and they all were top notch! I'm going to absolutely talk to my work and see about a company party cause we all had so much fun! can't wait for the next time already!"Chad D.

"Very Very pleased. Great staff and officials. Good game scenario Lots and Lots of fun. very well spent Saturday. and the staff even joined in for some fun. Was nervous at first but they had us play a quick game to get the hang of it and after that I was hooked. Nice rental gear also no issues. Will definitely be back. THANKS GUYS for the great time"Rex L.

"The course was awesome, the refs and staff were awesome, the gear was amazing and gave me no issues during the six hours I used it. Definitely plan on going back"Garrett V.




Airsoft Field Features

  • Indoor & Outdoor

    Urban Assault Airsoft's field features both indoor and outdoor combat areas.

  • Over 20,000 Sq Ft

    Our airsoft field is sprawled across over 20,000 square feet, which makes us one of the largest airsoft fields in the area

  • Urban Environment

    Our airsoft field uniquely features an urban environment, adding to the complexity to game strategy

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Combat Scenarios

  • Team Deathmatch (TDM)

    Team deathmatch consists of 2 teams playing each other, with the objective being to score more kills than your opponent. If you get hit you go back to the Respawn point. You also need to keep track of all the kills you get. At the end of the match, players combine all of their kills, and whichever team has more kills wins.

  • Capture the Flag

    Two teams try to capture the other team's flag(s) and take the flag(s) back to their own base. Flags need to be visible when carried. The team to capture all of the other team's flags and return them to their base wins.

  • Last Man Standing

    All-against-all sudden death scenario. If you get hit, you're out. Last person to survive without getting hit wins.

More Game Scenarios

Airsoft Shop

Stop by our the Urban Assault Airsoft Store to stock up on all of your airsoft gear.

Our shop has everything you need to prepare for your next battle, including:

  • Airsoft Guns
  • Airsoft Gun Parts
  • Airsoft Gun Accessories
  • Airsoft BB's
  • Airsoft Grenades
  • Safety Gear
  • Vests
  • Gloves
  • ...and more

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Urban Assault Airsoft Action Shots

Upcoming Airsoft Events

Currently, there are no upcoming airsoft events scheduled. Please check back soon!

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